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This webpage couldn't be possible without the help of different organizations and people who helped me giving the information needed in order to edit all the calendar with all the parties and also to make all the interviews:


  • Bellmunt del Priorat City Council

  • Falset City Council

  • Gratallops City Council

  • La Morera de Montsant City Council

  • Poboleda City Council

  • Porrera City Council

  • Torroja del Priorat City Council

  • La Vilella Alta City Council

  • La Vilella Baixa City Council

  • Priorat's Tourism Office 

  • Jaume Balaguer Callau

  • Jaume Balaguer Cabré 

  • Ferran Mestres Vizcaino

  • Yuri Mestres Vizcaino

  • Ramon Roqué Secall


Thanks for all!



This webpage is the result of a project done during the High School named THE WINE AS A REVIVMENT OF A REGION. 


This webpage is the events's calendar of the region of Priorat in Catalonia, Spain. This region is known for the wines, which have lots of recognitions but this region wants to be known for their events. Each village has a party or a cultural event which everybody can take part and in this webpage there are all of them. 


Also, it must be said that the contents of this webpage are a result of a large procedure of research, which means that is not copied from any other site. This is also the main reason why the commercial use is forbiden, but it can be a useful help to produce some other works, naming this page. 

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